Lex Locum

Project information

Lex Locum Consultants LLP are India based Law Consultancy with its Head Quarters in New Delhi. It provides legal services with full knowledge and understanding of the legal, regulatory and business atmosphere in India.
The firm brings together the best legal minds and expertise to provide full-service legal solutions to its clients in all sectors, throughout India.

What we did

Brand Strategy

Business Cards

Identity Cards

Web Design

UX + Visual Design

Our Approach

Lex Locum came into existence once a bunch of established Advocates in the Supreme Court of India came together and created. They approached Bored Markers to create the brand identity and the website for Lex Locum.
We decided to use the ‘Scale of Justice’ as an inspiration for the brand. The letter ‘M’ in the wordmark of the brand is a scale.

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