Brookings India Project information Brookings India is a branch of the Washington DC based Global Think Tank Brookings Institution. Every year the Think tank produces an Annual Report of their work through the year. Bored Markers was given the task to make the report for the Year 2017-2018 Outcome We designed the Annual Report, along […]

Lex Locum

Lex Locum Project information Lex Locum Consultants LLP are India based Law Consultancy with its Head Quarters in New Delhi. It provides legal services with full knowledge and understanding of the legal, regulatory and business atmosphere in India.The firm brings together the best legal minds and expertise to provide full-service legal solutions to its clients […]


Khabar Fast Branding Project information Khabar Fast is a New Delhi based, Hindi News Channel catering primarily to the suburban and rural parts of North India.Khabar Fast approached Bored Markers to design its brand identity to make it more contemporary and give it a look that suited their aim to become a News Channel that […]


Udaan Project information Udaan is India’s fastest growing B2B E-commerce brand. It provides a platform for retailers to buy products from sellers across India. With over 10,000 on ground sales executives, Udaan wanted to train it’s executives about different products. Udaan’s Stainless Steel utensils’ vertical approached BM to come up with a cost effective solution that would […]

Anika Rahman

Anika Rahman Project information Anika Rahman is a lawyer with a distinguished career as an advocate for the advancement of marginalized and vulnerable communities worldwide.Anika Rahman approached Bored Markers to create a visually clean and informative website that does justice to Anika Rahman’s work as a thought leader. What we did Web Design Front End […] Project Overview According to studies, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. 83% of tap water samples tested in 12 nations were found to be contaminated by plastic fibers. According to the Clean Air Council, enough paper and plastic utensils are thrown away every year to circle the […]


National Human Rights Commission Project information National Human Right Commission of India conducted a comparative study of the the United Nations Convention on Child Rights (UNCRC) and the Indian Legislature, Judgements and Schemes.They approached Bored Markers to design the report with the outcomes of the report. Outcome Being a text heavy report we introduced large […]


Lighthouse India Project information Lighthouse India is an initiative through which the World Bank is supporting knowledge sharing and transfer on key development issues. It supports sharing of good practices, peer-to-peer networking across the states in India.Bored Markers collaborated with World Bank to create a sub brand identity and brand guidelines for Lighthouse India. Our […]


Innovative Corporate Solution LLP Project Overview Bored Markers collaborated with Innovative Corporate Solution to develop the brand identity and their website.Innovative Corporate Solution is a consultancy that primarily provides accounting services, along with certain add on services such as corporate training, financial recruitment and internal audit What we did Brand Identity Design Research Web Design […]

Autoglass Expert

AutoGlassExpert provides integrated glass solutions across the entire spectrum of high-end automobile market. AutoGlass Expert Project Overview AutoGlassExperts is a brand of Glassified AutoMotifs LLP, in collaboration with Metro Car Glass Works has been one of Northern India’s leading aggregator and supplier of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automobile glass. What we did Web Design Illustrations […]